Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pendragon, Book Nine: Raven Rise by D.J. MacHale

Pendragon is a big story.
First off, I have to brag. Pendragon is the best series I have ever read (and I usually don't pick favorites.). It can be faster-paced than Harry Potter, more insightful then Artemis Fowl, funnier and wittier than the Percy Jackson series, and more thought-provoking than Terry Pratchett. It is the single most underrated series today.
The basic story goes like this: Bobby Pendragon, 14, finds out he is a traveler. Travelers keep Halla (Halla is everything there will ever be, it turns out Earth is just one "territory" out of many) from the evil traveler Saint Dane. Along the way, Bobby learns more about himself and what the heck a traveler really is.
So. Book nine. Bobby comes home to Second Earth to find that the turning point is about to happen. He must fight for the traveler's last stand. Along the way, he meets old friends and enemies.
The book is awesome. A fast pace, great problem and solution and TERRIFIC ending set the series finale up for greatness. Although we are left with a lot more questions than answers, I am sure D.J. will pull through. Now, how do we last the year or so until book 10?
(PS-I strongly recommend you read books 1-8 first, or you will not get ANY of this one.)

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