Saturday, March 29, 2008

Review: Barnstormers Game 2, by Loren Long and Phil Bildner

Hi, guys. This is my first time reviewing on Bibliophobia. so bear with me. This book is book 2 in a series called Barnstormers. It is about baseball in 1880, and has all sorts of cool trivia and facts.

I think this book is a great follow-up to book one. More strange stuf is happening, and it's up to the Travelin' Nine to figure out just what. This story has more "meat" in it (it's also much longer) and you'll enjoy it more. The pictures on almost every page are very neat, and at the beginning of each chapter is something very cool (you'll have to get the book to figure out what...). All in all, a great book.

I can't figure out anything innapropriate about this book. Sorry.

100 views and new game

Hiya, evrybody!
Today is a day that will go down in history as the day we reached 100 views on Bibliophobia. Yes, I know. Very touching. In honor of that, I've decided to add the new game of the month a day EARLY (I know, astonishing) so here's PAC-MAN!
(P.S. Coming up is a review of the new Maximum Ride book and Barnstormers, and I'm currently reading Whales on Stilts by M. T. Anderson. Cheers!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Review: Dragonhaven by Robin McKinley

Okay, first things first: I didn't finish this book. So if there is some amazingly unbelievably good ending to it, tell me and I'll change the review. But there's a reason I didn't finish.

This book was recommended to me by a friend. Right now, I'm considering that friend's sanity. Robin McKinley is a fairly well-known author, so you would think her books would be tolerable. Think again.

I'm sorry. I really am. I hate bashing books. But this one was very... boring. It's about a boy who works at (what else?) a haven for dragons in... some where. The thing is, by the second chapter (47 pages in), you have no idea what is going on. Characters are introduced, but you are very confused as to who they are related to or what they are. The author attempts to go back and summarize it as an afterthought, but it is very confusing.

The writing is slow and monotonous, as if when the writer finished she had 100 pages to fill and put mindless mush in it for the publishers. You'll not find your self connecting with the narrator, but with me, who is asking him to please stop whining. Do yourself a favor and don't even try it. This book also has WAY too many curse words than necessary. I suppose this is to make it more teen-ish? Who knows.

New Stuff on the site

Just wanted to make it aware that I have added some new features to my site - like a clock and Game Of The Month. The game of the month will change - you guessed it - every month! This month's is the Red Button Game. Enjoy!

Review : Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules by Jeff Kinney

I have long been a fan of the first book

in this series, Diary of Wimpy Kid (not in the least because the main character's name is Greg.) I think it is very funny and is written very convincingly in the mindset of a teenager.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on an Advance Readers Copy, so this is an old review. This second book in the series puts Greg in a bad situation. His brother has been blackmailing him to do his every whim after he finds out one of Greg's most embarrassing secrets (yes, you find out what it is, and you'll be suprised). This book is probably the funniest book so far. The author really flexed his creative muscles on this one. I actually laughed out loud on this one, and I'm very hard to please. There are as many classic moments in here as the first one. If you liked the first one or are a sucker for the funnies in the paper, this one is definetly for you!

This book doesn't have any innapropriate words or subjects, but you can tell it was written for teens. It is suitable for all ages, but I think teens would "get it" more. Nonetheless, my nine-year-old neighbor loved it. Go figure.

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