Sunday, February 24, 2008

Review: Tunnels, by Brian Williams and Roderick Gordon

If you haven't heard about this book yet, you will!
This book is about a kid named Will Burrows who likes to dig - you guessed it - Tunnels! He and his dad use it as a sort of hobby. But there are strange clues around the town of Highfield and underground, clues that just don't add up. So when his dad dissapears he takes matters into his own hands and discovers - well, I won't spoil the suprise.
I absolutely ate this one up. You will too. The one thing this book doesn't have in at all is romance - some might like that, others might be put off by it. I didn't care. There are a bazillion suprises in this book - I was known to stop reading and gape at the wall of my room. "Wait a minute.... did that REALLY happen?" You'll like it. Another thing I might add is the publishing genius behind Harry Potter has put his faith in this book. It was first self-published with a print run of 200 and now they are on eBay for thousands of dollars (try it: search "Highfield Mole" on eBay. I dare you.) This is my pick for BEST WINTER BOOK and BEST BOOK OF 2008 SO FAR.
This book is okay for all ages, but there are things kids wouldn't understand till maybe 5th Grade.
Also remember that we have one day until the game is up... I've got 10 more entries since the last post! :o)

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